Sapinski, Tom Sapinski

You may be wondering why I’ve associated myself with a James  Bond”ish” theme like  The reason for this is simple – Bond is a professional who always gets the job done – read some of my past clients testimonials by scrolling down this page and you will see that we share that unique quality.

I will walk you through all the fine points of your Ottawa Real Estate purchase or sale and help you make decisions to match your goals regarding home ownership. A huge differentiator between myself and other agents is that my care doesn’t end after closing. I will work with you to find contractors, solve problems relating to your move and handle after care items that many homeowners are left struggling with on their own- this can involve negotiations on re-financing, settling property disputes and dealing with issues that past sellers have left behind.

Call today and take advantage of the LicenseToSell I’ve worked so hard to develop!

Photos by Danniel Oickle